Analytical study of Computer Education at higher secondary level under CBSE Curriculum in Guwahati city, India

Parul Das, Nayan Jyoti Sarmah


Human efforts to develop an efficient calculating machine led to invention of a Computer. The advancement in technology changed the scenario and computer education that have found place in almost every educational institutions.

At Higher Secondary (H. S.) level under CBSE curriculum, computer education plays a crucial role in producing computer professionals. Therefore for each generation it is essential to generate higher quality teaching force with adequate facilities for H.S level. The study was designed and conducted with following two specific objectives :

1) To study the laboratory facilities in computer section.

2) To access the sex wise level of interest in the subject of Computer Science.

In order to collect the data and to have an insight the existing status of computer education, a sample of 525 : 504 of students; 14 of teachers and 7 no’s of leading institutions of Guwahati city have taken into consideration on the basis of questionnaire and interview schedule.

To analyse and interpretation of data, tabular observations were used to cover the specific objectives of the study.

In this study, it was found that, learning computer applications at H.S. level depends upon the laboratory facilities with adequate infrastructure. And, irrespective of sex ratio, students were more interested in attending practical classes in comparison to theory classes. Another finding of this study is that, in terms of enrolment in computer science at H.S. level, Boys were ahead of Girls under CBSE curriculum in Guwahati city.

To analyse the present study, the investigator has given proper weightage of parent-teachers association along with the students, which could play a vital role in actualizing the objectives of teaching-learning process of computer education and to achieved the educational benefits from the source of continuing growth of computer applications effectively and successfully.


Computer eudcation; HS level; CBSE curriculum

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