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The Clarion, International Multidisciplinary Journal is headed by Editor-in-Chief and an Editorial Board Members. The Editor in Chief and Editorial Board is appointed by the Publication Committee of this Research Journals. Board members are chosen based on the journal’s need for representation from a
particular subject area in conjunction with the individual’s commitment to maintaining high journal standards as illustrated in objective and prompt reviews.

The Clarion editorial office policy requires that each manuscript be reviewed by individuals who are highly experienced and recognized in the particular field of the submitted manuscript. The editorial office contacts those reviewers that have been identified as qualified and/or recommended by the authors.

Authors are encouraged to submit in their cover letters names of individuals whom they feel are appropriate and qualified to review their manuscript. Once potential reviewers agree to read a manuscript they are given a 1 week time-frame to complete the review process. When the reviews are completed, a decision is made to either accept the paper or give the authors the
opportunity to revise according to reviewers’ suggestions or to reject the paper based on the reviewers’ criticisms and the editors’ opinion of the paper. In some instances it is necessary to seek the opinion of other reviewers if further comment is necessary to make a final decision. When an editor has completed his decision on a manuscript, the decision letter and reviewers’ comments are sent to the author. Any questions or concerns regarding the editorial decision on any manuscript must be made directly to the journal’s editorial office. Revised manuscripts are evaluated to determine if the author(s) have adequately addressed and answered the critiques of the reviewers and editors. Depending upon this evaluation, manuscripts may be accepted, returned for further revision, or rejected. If a paper is accepted, the paper is immediately sent
to the publication office and slotted for the next available issue. The Clarion tries to complete the review cycle in two weeks. This time, however, may vary depending on the amount of revision work that needs to be completed before the manuscript is acceptable.

The Clarion may decline a manuscript after it has completed the review process. Manuscripts that do not meet the standards of the journal are returned to authors with substantial comments describing the basis for the decision. Manuscripts may be rejected if it is felt that the findings are not sufficiently novel, do not provide sufficient new insights, do not contain enough new information, or are too preliminary to warrant

This issue of the journal is a blend of papers contributed by scholars from different parts of Assam, India and of course the globe. We are really very happy to receive papers from the Social Science and Humanities Deaprtment, University of Gondar, Ethiopia and Department of Persian Language and Literature,
Takestan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Takestan, Iran. We look forward for such papers in future.

In this issue we have received not less than 89 numbers of papers. All most all the papers are of very high standard but due to different reasons we could accommodate only 26 numbers of papers form different disciplines of science and humanities. This issue of the journal comprises of articles from Medical Science, Chemistry, Geography, Political Science, Education, Sociology, English literature, Environmental science, and of course law. All these papers were sent for two fold blind review and are published only after suggested modifications and recommendations.

The effort which our editorial team has taken to bring out the journal on time is tremendous. Registration and login are required to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions. Or, submit your manuscript through the online submission form provided that the text, tables, and figures are included in a single Microsoft Word file. Before submitting your paper, please go through the detailed authors guidelines and sample paper given in the online submission page. Please visit our new website of the journal ‘‘clarion.ind.in’’.

The Editor-in-Chief is grateful to the advisory board members and the life members of the Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED) for their strong encouragement and support.

The Clarion is thankful for the support extended by many renowned and respected academicians from India and abroad, those who have very kindly accepted to be part of the Clarion’s editorial board. We are very much thankful to all the authors from India and abroad who have contributed a lot in the form of their research / scientific / technical papers.

Thank you all for carrying this Journal to the academic heights.

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