Video Endoscopic Treatment of Complex Anal Fistula-A New Emerging Treatment modality

Subhash Khanna


Video Endoscopic Anal Fistula management is a new and emerging treatment modality. In this technique a miniature endoscope is introduced through the fistula and the fistula cured by various ablative techniques without causing any harm to the internal sphincter and also without causing a major wound to the patient. The technique is in evaluation but has shown very promising results particularly in the complex and recurrent anal fistulae. In this technique the chance of missing the internal opening of the fistula is very small as the fistula is seen under vision and the technique is truly minimally invasive with no risk of damage to the internal anal sphincter and incontinence. The aim of this chapter is to introduce the technique and the preliminary results of this new treatment modality.


Anal Fistula, Video, Fistuloscopy

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