Role of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in livelihood of the Tribal community living in hilly area of Kamrup district, Assam

Debraj Sarma


Apart from few hillocks in the northern Part, hilly areas of Kamrup District are mostly located in the southern part of the Brahmaputra River. Hilly areas cover with forest continues towards the Meghalaya boarder. Inhabitants of tribal community in this area mostly are Rabhas, Karbis and Bodos. Non-Timber forest products (NTFPs) plays an important role in the livelihood of households living in and around forest area of the District, providing a source of food, fuel, services, materials for household implement, building materials and to some extent income. NTFPs often become the imperative resource accessible to the Tribal community within their vicinity. The non-timber forest products hold very important part of the subsistence economy, utilisation of fuel wood, wild edible vegetables bamboos, thatch are common phenomenon to all community. The total contribution of NTFPs to annual household income varies from 9 percent to about 20 percent depending on agricultural landholding of the household.


Non-Timber forest product, livelihood, Tribal community

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