The political economy of Dam and Displacement in Assam: a case study of Dakhin Rupahi village, Dhemaji

Juri Baruah


Dams are not a new phenomenon in the so called development history. Today, India is the third largest dam building country in the world. The state tries to equate dam building as nation building. New dams, irrigation schemes, control over water harvesting system are some of the state’s power over resources. Most astoundingly, there are not any suitable record of the number of people that have been displaced by dams or scarified in other ways at the alters of National Progress. The study based on the political economy related to dam building and the probable displacement in Dakhin Rupahi village, Dhemaji because of the construction of the Lower Subansiri Dam.


Political economy, development, displacement

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Published by Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED), Assam.