Child labour situations in the Tea gardens of Assam

Nizwm Sona Baro


Child labour phenomenon in the Assam tea gardens was introduced by the Colonial planters out of poverty stricken immigrant labourers. Inspite of the enactment of child labour prohibitory laws incidence of child labour in disguise is more prevalent in the tea gardens because of parental poverty and ignorance as well as management denial. Child labour is not only detrimental to children’s meaningful development and schooling but it adversely affects their family that leads to their economic backwardness. Poverty along with several socio-economic factors, management and government heedlessness are responsible for existing child labour in the tea gardens. Besides ensuring children’s schooling; measures should be taken to provide economic security to the poor families because of which they cannot withstand without engaging their children in work. Hence, joint efforts of the government, management and civil societies are required besides enforcement of legislations to combat this social menace.


Child labour, education, poverty, tea garden

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Published by Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED), Assam.