Simile in Gîtâ: an appraisal

Anamika Sarmah


The Gîtâ, an epitome of Indian philosophy is a store house of thought and wisdom of India where the different aspects of treatises of Indian philosophy is amalgamated. Though it is basically a philosophical work, as it is composed with beautiful verses it has a literary aspect too that generates attraction in the mind of the reader. It has its own writing style and get up. The lucidity in language, the metrical resonance, the sentiments, the application of suggestions, the figurative use of expression, the literary qualities and other literary usages best in their use in own sphere. A comprehensive study on these poetical elements can establish it as a fine specimen of poetry. Here, a humble attempt is made for the assessment of the usage of simile, the popular figure of speech which is found to be employed in the verses of the Gîtâ with a view to ascertain the purpose of its usage both in philosophical as well as literary domain.


Gîtâ, philosophy, literary quality, usage of simile

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