Nutritional value of some edible insects in Baksa District, BTAD, Assam

Jayanta Kumar Das, Arup Kumar Hazarika


The paper explores the diversity of edible insects’ collection, pattern and temporal availability in the Baksa District, BTAD, Assam, India. This district is in mainly habituated by the Bodo tribe, an ethnic tribe of Greater Assam. The study reveals that the community consumes a total of 10 (ten) species of edible insects belonging majorly to Hymenoptera, Hemiptera,  Orthoptera and Coleoptera orders. The nutrient values were also found out. As regards the consumption is concerned the study showed that 60% are at larval stage followed by mature 25% and 10% adult and rest live respectively. These insects are also pest of certain crops at developmental stage of their life. Despite this, they constitute a significant component of diet among the Bodo people of Baksa District of Assam.


Edible Insects, Bodo Tribe, Nutritional value, Baksa District

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Published by Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED), Assam.