Study of certain Physico-chemical Characteristics of water and plankton diversity of Sola Beel

Gitali Das, A K Hazarika, M M Goswami


This communication deals with the water quality and plankton diversity of Sola beel located in Guwahati City proper. Some water quality parameters are found suitable for growth and development of plankton population. The present study identified 25 phytoplankton and 21 protozoans in the beel. The density of phytoplankton is directly proportional to the growth of macrophytes and as the two-third of the beel is full of macrophytes which stimulates the growth of phytoplankton and help in recycling of organic matter.


Sola Beel, water quality, plankton diversity

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Published by Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED), Assam.