Theme on Peace in the Atharvaveda

Pranabjyoti Deka


We find the variety of customs and concepts current amongst the people relating to birth and burial, love and marriage, hearth and home, field and cattle, caste and community, Government and politics, trade and commerce, arts and industry, magic and medicine, anatomy and astronomy, theosophy and cosmogony and many more things in the Atharvaveda. Overall, this Veda stands as a witness to the ancient Indian culture and traditions. There is a group of hymns in the Atharvavedasamhitā meant for bringing peace in the society. They are widely known as Sāmmanasyānihymns. These hymns are applied for produce harmony. The theme is also revealed in the Ŗksamhitā, the Taittirīyasamhitā, the Vājasaneyisamhitā, and the Maitrāyaņisamhitā. But nowhere is it treated as prominently or distinctly as in the Atharvavedasamhitā.

The main objective of the proposed paper is to search out all available information which was in practice at that time and also possibilities of their application in the present society.


Atharvaveda, Peace, Sāmmanasyāni

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